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Nashville Jam Company Pepper Jelly

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Serving Murfreesboro for two decades years and counting.

Murfreesboro is our hometown and it is our goal to provide only the best in gourmet foods and gifts. Since 1991 we have been hard at work creating unique gifts for our customers.

The Murfreesboro Ornament is available exclusively at The Country Gourmet. For the past ten years we have produced a new limited edition ornament that has been a favorite with both the locals and with our visitors — it’s a full color resin ornament that is suitable for year round display or will brighten any Christmas tree. The original ornament features a view of the Rutherford County Courthouse and part of East Main Street.

Memories of Murfreesboro are always sparked by this gift.

The Murfreesboro Ornament

In 1997 The Country Gourmet debuted its first Murfreesboro Ornament. This ornament featured a hand-painted likeness of the Rutherford County Courthouse and part of East Main Street. It was met with much excitement and questions of what the next year’s ornament might be.

Each year at a Premiere Party, The Country Gourmet unveils a new limited edition Murfreesboro ornament. Some of the past ornaments include: The Murfreesboro Depot, Oaklands Mansion, Cannonsburg, The Princess Theatre and Stones River National Battlefield.

Although the original Courthouse ornament is still available, each of the limited edition ornaments that followed are sold out. The new limited edition ornament is scheduled to be unveiled at the Premiere Party on November 4, 2016. But it’s kept secret until then!

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The Original Murfreesboro Ornament

Upcoming Events

The 2017 New Murfreesboro Ornament Premiere Party is almost here!!  You are invited to join us at The Country Gourmet for the unveiling of the latest limited edition Murfreesboro Ornament on November 3rd at 6pm!  What do you think this year’s ornament will be??

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